A modern workspace for IBMers

YourIBM is a cognitive dashboard of communication and productivity tools geared to simplify the daily tasks of IBMers. Replacing the old IBM intranet homepage, the product was created to address the disjointedness and complexity of the IBM ecosystem, both big pain points for IBMers. By consolidating content, removing physical silos and minimizing the amount of information presented at any one time, YourIBM provides a high level visualization of what’s going on in the IBM world. 


A flexible, multi-purpose environment 

YourIBM is as much a systems design as a new product and interface for workplace collaboration. The dynamic workspace is designed to surface contextually relevant content through intelligent personalization and simple customization, providing a uniquely personal assistance to each employee in doing their job. To ensure the right information reaches the right people, content on YourIBM is informed by a wide spectrum of data points, including news preferences, internal social media activities, business calendar, files, contact groups, and job role. The mobile-friendly interface is based on cards that can be rearranged in the space, and expanded or minimized to reveal varying degrees of information density. Each card represents an entry point to a discrete widgetized web experience.


What we did 

In pursuit of streamlining IBMers workflow the team concepted cards to address users’ calendar, file, instant messaging and search related needs among others. The Meetings card surfaces the user’s daily agenda and assists with joining a meeting as well as managing and scheduling meetings. The Files card, initially a single purpose file transfer solution, disrupts current file sharing inefficiencies through a minimalist approach and modern interaction design. Post MVP, the card will evolve to accommodate a robust file management system leveraging services from Box, a strategic partner. Answers card will employ Watson’s cognitive computing platform to assist IBMers using natural language. Team Channel card sets up a persistent chat room inside the workspace powered by Slack, which IBM is in the process of adopting on an enterprise level. What’s New card gathers the latest activity in the CIO ecosystem and presents it in a data visualization that provides a consumable overview at a glance, revealing insights about the progress to date. 

In addition to these cards team also outlined a brief on-boarding walk through explaining core capabilities of the workspace to first time users, and conducted design discovery around a yourIBM Knowledge Base.


Iterative development

The MVP, developed in collaboration with IBM’s CIO department by 5 integrated agile teams, was rolled out to nearly 400K employees in 170 countries in October 2015, and received a barrage of praise and positive feedback. Teams continue to work on new features in bi-monthly releases.

This makes me feel like I am working in a company of the 21st century.
— A Happy IBMer