Tailored content

w3now is a news aggregator app for IBMers that provides relevant content through system based personalization and in-app customization. The app curates stories from internal (w3) and external news sources, social streams and IBMer blog posts, and delivers them based on a user's  profile, interests, and in-app engagements, ensuring the right information reaches the right people.


What we did 

The MVP team focused on establishing a scalable app architecture, basic content hierarchy and the foundation of a visual taxonomy for various content sources to be represented in the app. We implemented a feed and article view for stories, social actions (bookmark, like and share stories) and a way for users to give feedback on the app.

We organized the app around a main feed populated by topic channels and stories on w3 that are recommended based on job role and geography (first steps of a more robust personalization effort). In addition to news, topic channels also contain blog posts and shared links by IBM influencers whom user has selected to follow on the app. Stories are presented in a card form to ensure clear grouping of content. 

The design decisions were informed by lean usability tests, and revised where necessary to facilitate a better app experience.