A nod to old world craftsmanship

As one of the largest B2B distributors of fashion brands Mada Luxe wanted to create a program to help protect the luxury fashion industry from the ever present counterfeit problem. Tronc Company was established to verify quality and authenticate Mada Luxe’s products. This is to guarantee that only authentic luxury goods make it to the marketplace, bringing peace of mind to both stores that purchase from them and consumers that buy from the stores.

Ultimately Mada Luxe wanted Tronc Company to be their face when they transitioned into the consumer market. The new mark needed to be memorable and versatile to accommodate the various directions they eventually wanted to take with the band.


What we did 

Our response to the brief was to create multiple trunk symbols that would identify the various sub-brands Tronc would carry, combined with a set word mark that would anchor the brand.