Communicating a shared outlook

Pomona Capital is an international private equity firm focused on the secondary market. In celebration of their 20th anniversary, they wanted a distinctive story to position them competitively. We helped them construct their narrative around their inclusive culture that enables their strategy of pursuing high quality assets with minimum risk. 


What we did 

The company ethos was communicated though multiple touch points, print and digital. The new website design featured above focuses on Pomona’s collaborative approach and long lasting relationships with its clients, visually positioning them through POV shots as a part of the Pomona team. To guide the visual language of the new website and other marketing material, we conducted a photo shoot in Pomona's offices featuring their employees. These images made up Pomona's first photo library. In addition to the images, we provided the marketing team with clear stylistic guidelines, so they are able to add to it in the future.