A multipurpose workspace for managers

Manager Hub is a private dashboard that presents a unified and personalized workspace for IBM managers to easily view their tasks, review their upcoming obligations and communicate with their team. Organized around user tasks, ManagerHub is conceived as a responsive website (and later, a hybrid app) that creates efficiencies and reduces time spent on admin.


What we did: Expenses and PBCs 

Guided by our Subject Matter Experts team focused our efforts on two ManagerHub tools for the MVP release: Expenses and Personal Business Committments (PBCs). 

We recommended simplifying a manager’s interaction with expense data by consolidating all expense sources, allowing the manager a unified view of their team’s expenses as well as comprehensive individual expense data. We also elevated and systematized the alerts associated with expense items to give managers a clearer path to resolution.

We tried to make the PBC process more transparent by creating a visual guide showing steps to completion. This way, we call out the immediate next steps of the PBC process while giving managers at-a-glance visibility into their team’s completion progress throughout the year. Additionally, we incorporated peer feedback functionality (currently done ad hoc by email) that lets a manager gather high-value feedback about an employee from their peers, without having to chase down emails.

In order to expand on our vision, we aimed to visually simplify the information hierarchy with a focus on two main areas: a visual overview and a card detail view. We created page templates and components for these views around which the site could evolve. We updated the iconography to be more inline with the IBM design language, and created a modular content system that aids consistency and is easy to maintain. Finally, we built a responsive prototype of the home page to show how the tools and resources could be integrated to surface timely information and provide insights.



When tech discovery revealed that the necessary backend sources capable of delivering the proposed user experience are not available, the team shifted focus from building a responsive site to a springboard app for manager tools. ManagerHub website effort later got integrated with yourIBM.