A new way of doing work

The proliferation of (wearable) devices inspire thinking towards a new generation of business products that enable simplified interactions with contextualized information, and create a purposeful experience. As Apple announced the release date for Apple Watch in early 2015 we saw an opportunity to positively impact IBMers' work experience by enabling them to integrate wearable tech into their day. Leveraging IBM’s strategic partnership with Apple, we concepted three Apple Watch apps that can streamline IBMers’ workflow.


What we did 

These are the three venues team looked into, where a wearable tech integration can produce immediate value for IBM employees:

Meeting. Bringing value and efficiency to meeting notifications. The meetings experience will help with self management of time and awareness, while minimizing overt distractions.

Conference Calling. Simplifying the conference call-in experience. A single “tap” interaction allows for a less evasive, more efficient experience.

Chatting. Simplifying the way IBMers chat. Utilizing chat functionality ensures that important chats and urgent pings are not missed.


Discovering what’s next

The role of technology in the workplace is changing. As consumerization of IT is becoming an ever more prominent trend, companies are shifting from an enterprise-driven perspective to engagement strategies built around the needs of employees. At IBM the Office of the CIO is working to scale the enterprise into the hands of the employees. Throughout our partnership with the CIO team we helped them achieve this vision by making user-centric tools that enable productivity, increase collaboration and drive insightful decision making. As products like yourIBM and BluePages redefine what a smart business utility can be, there’s enormous potential to explore and leverage new technologies to surface and promote these tools across a variety of media. It is in this spirit the apple watch apps were concepted. 

You can view the prototype below, or watch a recording of demo here (password: ibmapplewatchapps).