A robust enterprise employee directory

BluePages, already a widely recognized brand among IBMers for employee search, needed an upgrade. While a critical resource to connect with other employees, a recent survey had revealed users did not have confidence in the content presented on BluePages, as IBMers rarely updated their BluePages profiles. In a company of nearly 400K employees dated profile data can make finding the right employee for the right issue a challenge. BluePages team was tasked with creating a more informed profile for IBMers that would facilitate collaboration by allowing users to find each other more easily. 


What we did 

Elevated from among the multitude of user profiles in the IBM ecosystem that function differently, the new BluePages is planned as the single universal destination for employee information, consolidating the data from other profiles for a cohesive user experience. Keeping the brand name intact, team created a new profile experience from scratch, one with a clear content hierarchy, rooted in research and supporting user tasks. 

We adopted a modular architecture to support various content types and densities, and preferred using interaction patterns that lend themselves to mobile environments. The design adopts a scrolling two column layout with a main and sidebar. The navigation locks into place to provide compact contact information as user scrolls. Frequently used features and content are prioritized over less used ones, which are hidden behind a click, keeping the interface clean. Low friction interactions such as in-line expansions are favored for the main content blocks over breaking out of the visual layout of the screen (like popups) which interrupts the flow.  search results are presented on easy-to-read Quick View cards that can be expanded to reveal a person’s full profile, in line with the guiding principle of progressive disclosure. Finally, the profile update workflow is streamlined through the introduction of simple in-line editing to make it easier for IBMers to update their profiles.


A unified profile service 

Supporting and inspiring new ways of working at IBM starts with robust and accurate profile data for every IBMer. BluePages Reimagined service side updates aim to extract this data stored across a complex web of dated and incompatible systems, and make it accessible across the company in a way that hasn’t been possible before.

Unifying disparate profile experiences in a single platform is a comprehensive systems redesign that will not only ensure continuity between experiences; IBM’s proprietary algorithms will be able to leverage the profile to recommend highly relevant content unique to each IBMer. The behaviors and preferences captured through this profile will fuel personalization across the IBM intranet.  

In addition to better structured profile data the new BluePages also provides a better search experience that leverages personalized search algorithms and high performance rapid results.


BluePages+: the app

Released as an extension to BluePages, BluePages+ is a lightweight hybrid app capable of all BluePages personalized search features as well as voice search. The app allows editing capabilities for key BluePages profile data such as photo and contact information, and plays well with other apps, native and IBM. BluePages+ includes IBM’s entire global directory, and on iOS devices, users can log in with TouchID for added convenience.