Activating the brand

Brand Activation Association(formerly the Promotion Marketing Association) is a national non-profit trade association dedicated to the industry of marketing disciplines that motivate behavior, activate response and build brands. After the name change, the company needed a new brand to emphasize the “Activation” component. We built a new website for BAA, and through the process, solidified the brand's guidelines.


What we did 

BAA has a rich history of supporting the marketing industry through research, education, advocacy, and collaboration opportunities, all of which were reflected on their website. When we started the rebranding effort one of our priorities was to reorganize the information  online and increase its discoverability. To that end, we simplified the architecture and consolidated BAA's existing navigation under the three main categories of Events, Resources and Membership. We also introduced iconography as a secondary method to organize the resources, and incorporated social features, such as member tweets and LinkedIn discussions that are designed to encourage collaboration. The responsive website emphasized “Activation” through a minimal but energized color palette, and modular page configurations that allowed for greater versatility. 


Creating the brand voice 

We saw the BAA website redesign assignment as an opportunity to develop a lot of the visual elements that ultimately shaped the voice of this newborn brand. During the process of redesigning the website we crafted recommendations around graphic and typographic styles, imagery treatment as well as  a unique brand pattern to identify communications related to BAA member groups. 

Shortly after the rebrand, BAA was acquired by ANA (Association of National Advertisers), and is currently operating as it’s subsidiary.